Model Jenny Lopez on what keeps her looking her best

Miami model and blogger Jenny Lopez shares her fitness and beauty tips with INDULGE.

Most days in Miami, you’ll find model and blogger Jenny Lopez under a big, wide-brim hat. That’s partly because hat designer Artesano is one of Lopez’s local favorites, and partly because Lopez is a stickler for fashionable sun protection. “Before I got pregnant, my skin was perfect,” she said. “Then I got melasma [patches of discoloration], and it made my life miserable. My makeup is always very minimal, so I work more on having good, glowing skin.” Since her efforts have paid off — Lopez has one of the prettiest complexions in town — we asked: What keeps you looking your best?

Shhh…it’s a secret

Miami model
Claudia Forza’s office.

GLOW BY FORZA “My facialist, Claudia Forza, worked with my dermatologist in Colombia to get rid of my melasma. People know her by word of mouth, and her office is super-private. You don’t see anyone when you arrive or when you leave.”

Anti-Aging Duo

Miami model
Dr. Sebagh Sun City.
Miami model
Dr. Sebagh Vitamin C.

DR. SEBAGH SUN-CITY PROTECTION & PURE VITAMIN C POWDER CREAM “I put these on my face and hands every morning to protect and brighten my skin. With the Vitamin C, you see a difference right away.”

1845 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-868-3533;

SPF Spritz

Miami model

SUPERGOOP! DEFENSE REFRESH SETTING MIST WITH ROSEMARY “The formula is healthy and light. I carry it with me and retouch every couple of hours.”

Lip Service

Miami Model
Tata Harper

TATA HARPER VOLUMIZING LIP & CHEEK TINT IN VERY CHARMING “One of Redbook’s 2015 most valuable products, it’s 100-percent natural and the perfect petal-pink.”

Energy Boost

Miami model
DBC Fitness.

DBC FITNESS “I get cryotherapy treatments here three times a week — it puts you in an energetic, feel-good mood that lasts for hours — and train with Paul Zelenski. I try to practice beauty from the inside out.”

3841 Northeast Second Avenue, Suite 103, Miami; 786-452-8964;

Brighter Smile

Miami model
It works wonders.

COCONUT OIL “I use it as mouthwash to whiten my teeth after drinking red wine. And to detox, too.”

299 Southeast Third Avenue, Miami; 305-995-0600;

Travel Must-Have

Miami model
A travel must.

OOZOO FACE INJECTION MASK ILLUMINATION “After a long flight, I put on this extra-moisturizing Korean sheet mask for 30 minutes. I look crazy, but it’s worth it: It makes you luminous right away.”


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