A good night’s sleep may be more important than we thought

Not getting enough sleep? Fix it. Dr. Edward Mezerhane can show you how.

Turns out, not getting enough sleep — quality sleep — can lead to more than dark circles under your eyes.

“Sleep issues make it harder to lose weight,” said Dr. Edward Mezerhane, a Miami sleep medicine specialist whose confidential patient list is like a who’s-who of the city’s overachievers.

“Regularly getting fewer than six hours a night puts you at higher risk for stroke, diabetes, heart disease, depression, memory loss and Alzheimer’s.”

Edward Mezerhane Sleep Medicine Miami
Dr. Edward Mezerhane

Tips to get sound sleep

Dr. Mezerhane’s advice? Make bedtime as important as going to the gym or eating breakfast.

“You need to have a regular sleep routine, and prioritize it.”

Try cutting off screen time an hour before bed, and avoid coffee or energy drinks after noon. And if you suspect you’re snoring more than three nights a week, which could be a sign of apnea, get checked out.

“With help, most patients get better in a week or two,” Mezerhane said. “They come back and say, ‘I’m awake!’”

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