Float8 helps you soak your cares away

A personal floatation pod at Float8 in Deerfield Beach. Photograph by Jason Koerner.

The door closes, and suddenly there’s no light, no sound. It’s just you, hovering on the surface of a salt pool, lost in thought. That’s the idea behind isolation tanks, a trend embraced by the likes of Tom Brady and Michael Phelps. Now South Florida has its first multi-tank center, Float8, a Deerfield Beach spa that may bring you one step closer to being distraction-free.

Founded by Matt and Destiny Beck, Float8 features four tanks of 10-inch-deep water fortified with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt to help you float your cares away. Afterward, head to the meditation room and library for a cup of kombucha and a slow reintroduction into the real world.

Float8, 610 Southeast 10th Street, Deerfield Beach; 754-666-3588; float8ion.com.

Float8 floatation pod meditation miami deerfield beach
Comes in blue, too. Photograph by Jason Koerner.


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