Follow your nose to Miami’s best perfume shops

Certified aromatherapist Alexis Rose of LILFOX apothecary studio in Miami.

At Osme Perfumery in Wynwood, owners Maurice Locke and Bhavika Mistry showcase their incredible knack for curating niche fragrances from around the globe. Each perfume and scent comes with a compelling backstory, and the gorgeous presentation makes everything feel like a small treasure.

wynwood perfume apothecary osme fragrance
Bhavika Mistry and Maurice Locke of Osme Perfumery in Wynwood. Photograph by Azeez Bakare Studios.


Osme Perfumery, 50 Northwest 24th Street, Suite 111, Miami; 786-409-4732;

Perfume shop with organic alchemy

Down the road a bit from Osme at LILFOX apothecary studio, certified aromatherapist Alexis Rose, 32, steeps her luxurious skincare and perfume blends in organic botanicals and virgin oils. The whole line, which has won fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, brims with intoxicating holistic options. “Through my aromatics and textures,” Rose said, “I try to transport people to another realm.”

LILFOX, by appointment only;


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