Glowing skin and glowing reviews for Dr. Loretta Skincare

Dr. Loretta Skincare is loaded with medical-grade ingredients and therapeutic oils.

When Myriam Zaoui — the glamorous Parisian botanical expert and co-founder of The Art of Shaving — moved to Miami, she found a new dermatologist: Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. Once she discovered Ciraldo’s genius, she also discovered her next project. Dr. Loretta Skincare ( merges Zaoui’s mastery of essential oils and aromatherapy with Ciraldo’s cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

Dr. Loretta Skincare
Myriam Zaoui and Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. 

Dr. Loretta line protects against more than UV light

Each multitasking treatment is loaded with medical-grade ingredients and therapeutic oils. Meanwhile, special light-screening agents protect skin against visible aging. “New research shows that aging isn’t all about UVA and UVB damage,” Ciraldo said. “We also have to think about computer light, indoor pollution, climate conditions and other irritants.”

A star of the regimen is a powerful retinol serum that boosts the natural repair process, leaving skin smoother, fresher and firmer. Zaoui, a born tastemaker, oversaw the delicately graphic, blush-pink packaging. Next up: a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Count us in. 

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