Miami Beach laser treatments in less time than lunch

April Tambor and Michelle Luis at South Pointe Park in Miami Beach. Photograph by @RGAYAMAN /

It used to be that laser treatments for skin and teeth, preferred by Miami Beach dermatologists and dentists to turn back the clock on droopy skin and stained smiles, were time-intensive and expensive. But thanks to two Miami FL cousins — dentist Dr. Michelle Luis and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader April Tambor — local laser treatments are now a lunchtime option, for a relatively inexpensive price.

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The Clean Lines founders April Tambor, left, and Dr. Michelle Luis. Photograph by @RGAYAMAN /

The pair’s Miami Beach pop-up shop, Clean Lines, is the Drybar of lasers. Each express treatment takes only 15 minutes and costs $150 (less if you buy a series). LED-powered teeth-whitening gives you a noticeably brighter smile with minimal sensitivity. A non-invasive facial laser uses radio-frequency energy, so it’s friendly to even darker skin tones.

“The device is just intense enough to get results without turning you red, and the effect is cumulative,” Luis said. “You’ll gradually reach the effects of a more aggressive treatment — without ever taking time off.”

Clean Lines, 300 Alton Road, Suite 100, Miami Beach; 786-497-1271;

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