Miami fashion blogger behind ‘OJ and Cigs’ shares staples of her look

Jana Rose Carrero runs the fashion blog OJ and Cigs. Photograph by Brandon Lopez.

WHO: Jana Rose Carrero.

WHERE: Miami.

WHAT: The brains behind the hyper-chic fashion blog OJ and Cigs (, she’s a former model (starting at age 2) with a film degree from the University of Miami.

WHY: “Style is an art form, and I love sharing ideas with other people who think outside the box. The best is when someone says I’ve inspired her to take a fashion risk: ‘I’ve been wanting to try something like that — you’re the only one bold enough to wear it in Miami!’”

Two Things She Can’t Live Without

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick.

Red Lipstick: “I love pairing a natural look with a bold lip. My go-to for years has been MAC Ruby Woo. It’s just the classic red — it looks good on any skin tone and stays on forever.”


OJ and Cigs
Photograph by Brandon Lopez.

Statement Barrette: “Put this Gucci hair clip on the side of your head and it’ll give your whole look a cool, ’90s-comeback feel. It’s also good for also taming flyaways — simple and quick.”

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