Sexy Sweaties are a fitness buff’s solution to soggy workout wear

Sexy Sweaties underwear were created by a former University of Miami athlete.

As a springboard diver at the University of Miami, Doris Glenn Richards trained twice a day, won three national championships — and developed a serious aversion to damp workout clothes.

Doris Glenn Richards.

How she came up with Sexy Sweaties

Then, it hit her: “What if there was a fast way to put on fresh underwear without having to change out of my leggings?” This is where Sexy Sweaties ( comes in. The product of Richards’ original vision, these exquisite, semi-sheer panties feature a gusset that attaches with two snaps, so you can swap in a clean, dry one in seconds or go insta-commando.

They’re perfect for active and stylish people like Richards, a young mom who finds time to get to the gym.“It’s hard for me to go to sleep at night because I’m so excited about the workout I’m going to do in the morning,” she said. Here are some of the things that keep her going:

Training at Fast Twitch

“It’s an elite training facility sponsored by UnderArmour. A truly inspiring place to work out.”

Sexy Sweaties underwear
Fast Twitch fitness studio.

Classes at DanceBody

“A great, high-intensity dance class with amazing instructors. You’ll use muscles you never knew existed.”

DanceBody. Photograph by Stephanie Cowan.

Upkeep at Gee Beauty

“I often walk straight from Barry’s Bootcamp to see Natalie Gee. Gee Beauty is great for mani-pedis, and she tints my lashes and brows so I don’t need much makeup.”

Gee Beauty
Natalie Gee of Gee Beauty.

A Session with Miami Flex

“Better than a massage: Alexander Da Silva is a flexologist who has worked with the Miami Dolphins. You leave feeling a lot taller and perfectly aligned.”

Alexander Da Silva of Miami Flex works on a client.

A Spray of Soleil Toujours Micro Mist

“I carry this incredibly light organic sunscreen with me to use throughout the day.”

It’s organic.

Girls’ Night at Planta

“My favorite place to go with my girlfriends. I love the plant-based sushi.”

Plant-based sushi at Planta South Beach.

Nighttime Routine with Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment

“Sleep is huge for fitness. I keep this on my nightstand. You roll some onto your palms and breathe it in. It’s so calming.”

Tata Harper.


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