The gym that Miami’s movers and shakers swear by to stay in shape

Anatomy Fitness in Miami Beach is opening a second location in Midtown Miami.

On any given day, Anatomy Fitness in Miami Beach (and coming soon to Midtown Miami) is where you’ll find some of the city’s power elite working out with trainers, grinding it out in Pilates class or fueling up with VitaSquad vitamin infusions. INDULGE spoke with three well-known members about why Anatomy is their gym of choice.

1. Jay Phillip Parker, CEO of Douglas Elliman Florida Brokerage

Anatomy Fitness
Jay Phillip Parker at Anatomy Fitness.


INDULGE: Having lived in London, Ontario, Toronto, New York, Palm Beach and Tel Aviv, would you say Miami is the most fitness-obsessed city you’ve experienced? How so?

Jay Phillip Parker: “In the 20-plus years I have lived in Miami, there is no doubt that Miami has reinvented itself into, among other great things, a fitness mecca. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I used to wonder why Miami wasn’t leading the nation like Los Angeles when it came to health, wellness and fitness. That was then. Today, Miami has become ground zero for fitness of all shapes and sizes. Many have joined the mission in bringing innovative lifestyle concepts to Miami, and from the perspective of an executive who has engaged in fitness my entire life, there is no doubt that Miami has risen to the top. We have health clubs like Anatomy, that not only offer a plethora of machines, weights, top-tier trainers and classes, but equally has fostered a culture of determination, focus, commitment, support and success.”

INDULGE: As a representative of luxury real estate, how important is it to stay in shape? And how has Anatomy helped you achieve that?

JPP: “For me, fitness and staying in shape are as much about my physiology as my psychology. First, I need a sanctuary where the only thing I focus on is what I’m doing for that hour-plus a day. I start just about every day at Anatomy because it sets my day off in the right direction. Whether I was running Douglas Elliman or any other high-intensity position, starting your day off with intense training leads to a better diet, more focus, better body and overall a higher energy level to combat the intense demands of every day.”

2. Shareef Malnik, owner of The Forge Steakhouse in Miami Beach 

Shareef Malnik the forge
Shareef Malnik.


INDULGE: Recently you broke your leg in a skiing accident. How has Anatomy and the amenities it offers, such as VitaSquad, been crucial to your recovery?

Shareef Malnik: “After breaking my leg skiing in March of this year, I knew I had an arduous climb ahead of me to 100 percent recovery. It’s hard to go from being in the best fitness shape of your life to a broken tibia and fibula. Anatomy offered me everything I needed to find my level again. From expert advice and tutelage, to the gym that had all of the equipment I needed, to the outdoor turf with its sleds and hurdles, to the absolutely necessary cold plunge and the VitaSquad IVs that gave me life and hope, I couldn’t have done it without Anatomy and, as a result, I plan on skiing again this season better than ever.”

INDULGE: What drew you to Anatomy?

SM: “I train at Anatomy because of the culture. It starts at the top with the owners, then the trainers, the assistants and all of the employees. The culture screams of professional, talented, serious, hardworking, appreciative and teamwork. That same culture then penetrates the membership. Ultimately, everyone involved with Anatomy pulls together for a common cause, namely, to make each and every one one of us a better person and to feel  like we are all part of a family. There is no greater example of this than the Anatomy #HourPushUpChallenge benefitting Make-A-Wish. As a member of Anatomy and as Chairman of the Board Emeritus of Make-A-Wish, I was honored to witness the owners, trainers, employees and members of Anatomy pull together to raise $130,000 to grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses to forever positively impact their lives and those of their families. I had the honor of giving a distinguished award to co-owners Marc Megna and Chris Paciello because of Anatomy’s incredible service to the children we serve. Anatomy isn’t a gym, it’s a way of life.”

3. Sara Colombo, owner of Nest Casa

Sara Colombo.


INDULGE: As the owner of Nest Casa, you work tirelessly to select every item, making sure it’s perfect, while still managing the business as a whole. With all of that, how do you find time to exercise and stay fit, and how do you keep the energy and motivation to do all that you do?

Sara Colombo: “I have always been a very active person, and exercise has always been an integral of my lifestyle, even as a child.  As a business owner and mother of three, I rarely sit down, but I make a concerted effort to find time to exercise. It keeps my stress levels down and really makes me feel good.  I have an 18-month-old baby boy — he is my motivation to stay fit and healthy. I need to keep up with him! We have a very active family — skiing and road biking — and it is important to me to be able to do all the things I want to do with my husband and kids.

“Anatomy is a really special place. I train with Grant Weeditz, who is no less than amazing and has really transformed the way I work out. I was always afraid of lifting weights — I didn’t want to become ‘bulky,’ but he persuaded me to start, and I have not looked back. I think the atmosphere of the gym is inclusive and friendly, and I am always impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism of the staff.”

INDULGE: What is your favorite activity or class at Anatomy?

SC: “My favorite group class is Mace on Tuesday mornings. I also recently started training with Kaan Erpanur as well, who is relatively new to the team, and we are boxing, which I love!”

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