Three cool ways to upgrade your workout routine

The Rock Wall at Carillon in Miami Beach - one of several upgraded workout options for Miami locals and visitors.

To help keep you on track for that 2018 swimsuit-ready resolution, here are three ways to take your workout up a few heartbeats-per-minute:

1. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Spa workout routine miami gym miami beach carillon resort
The Thermal Experience at Carillon in Miami Beach.


Tourists could spend their entire vacations at the Carillon’s fitness center — but we’re lucky enough to have all-year access to come and go as we please. The resort has annual membership tiers from $7,500 to $15,000, depending on how committed you are to that beach bod. Packages include wellness lectures, three-day cleanses, physician consultations, nearly 250 fitness classes a week, and — get this — a rock wall with ocean views.

2. The Biostation

With that workout routine settled, now it’s time to tackle a little thing called aging. At The Biostation’s new Midtown Miami offices, Dr. Martin G. Bloom puts you through comprehensive tests to figure out how to try to best time, like getting jacked up on testosterone, tackling the effects of aging with hormone replacement, or replenishing missing vitamins and purging toxins with nutrient therapy.

3. Cryo Miami

Cryo Miami whats cooler than being cool
What’s cooler than being cool? Ice-cold Cryo Miami.


Three minutes in a tank where the temperature drops to negative 240 degrees is going to be … a shock. But the promises of reducing inflammation and speeding up injury-recovery time have made the service so popular that the Coral Gables location offers memberships from $99 for three sessions to $300 for daily deep-freezes.

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