A meditation instructor’s guide to keeping zen through Miami traffic

Innergy Meditation instructor Jeska Brodbeck.

Jeska Brodbeck, an instructor at South Beach’s popular Innergy Meditation studio, has six pieces of advice for how to rise above the gridlock of Miami traffic.

1. No judgment. “Simply observe cars as objects on the road, without deciding that they ‘shouldn’t’ be there. Allow things to be as they are, without resistance.”

2. Focus on your breath. “The more you direct your attention to the present, the less freedom your mind has to wander — or to worry.”

3. Slow it down. “Begin to make each exhale twice as long as the inhale. It’s a quick, efficient way to switch on the relaxation response in your body.”

4. Context is everything. “Instead of choosing the perception that you’re trapped, consider that you’re on your journey along with everyone else. Practice being present, with compassion, for those on the road with you.”

5. Repeat a mantra. “‘Everything is happening at the perfect time.’ It can help you accept where you are and enjoy the ride.”

6. Take a break. “Innergy will offer free guided meditations on Saturday, December 8, outside Scope (11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. at 11th Street and Ocean Drive). And be sure to check out the studio’s fledgling exhibit, Still Life on Cushion — a reminder to breathe, chill and be still.”

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