From the Editor: Fashion is all about personal creativity and self-expression

From the set of INDULGE's 2018 Fashion Issue cover shoot. Photograph by Nick Garcia.

Denim-preferred. Black-tie invited. Backyard chic. Snappy casual. Business relaxed.

Party invitations I’ve received lately are either getting incredibly specific or increasingly vague in dress codes, depending on how you look at it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about fashion in my time at INDULGE, it’s that clothing is about personal expression and creativity, not brands and labels. In a place as culturally and socially diverse as Miami, we have a daily front-row seat at everyone’s personal runway show. It’s a mix of careful curation and anything-goes that so many of you manage to wear so well.

Evan Benn editor in chief INDULGE miami magazine
Evan Benn. Photograph by Nick Garcia.INDULGE

From haute couture to everyday style

We try to emulate that balance in our annual Fashion Issue. First, on the haute side, we partnered with Miami City Ballet for our cover feature, dressing several of the company’s preeminent dancers in the latest fall looks from Naeem Khan, Oscar de la Renta, Angel Sanchez and other top design houses. We accented the outfits with literally millions of dollars of jewelry from Orianne Collins and Tiffany & Co. to complete our Fashion en Pointe spread.

To show Miami’s other fashion side — the clothing we wear to brunch on the beach, to go shopping in Wynwood, to meet friends for a drink — we took the Bill Cunningham approach to street photography: going around town with a camera on our neck and notepad in our hands.

The fashion thread runs throughout this issue, from the media pro who rocks the same brand of Hawaiian shirt every single day to the CEOs who run an eco-friendly  footwear company and an innovative line of lensless eyewear. Men’s fashion, women’s fashion, it’s all here — right down to the daring, unisex Prada jackets that close out the magazine.   

Jeans or tux. Little black dress or long flowing gown. Remember that dress codes are nothing more than an invitation to express yourself, flash your creativity and show the world what style means to you.

Asking INDULGE: What’s the last fashion item you bought yourself? 

Cole Haan Washington Grand Tassel loafers in navy peony nubuck.” — John Michael Coto, Contributing Design Director

“An H&M kimono dress and silver Alexa Chung loafers.” — Jennifer Scruby, Contributing Beauty Editor

Funky earrings with a piece of crystal hanging from brass half-moons.” — Christiana Lilly, Contributing Writer

“A fab camouflage jacket with silver accents.” — Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, Contributing Writer

Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses — the Torino frames in onyx.” — Felipe Cuevas, Contributing Photographer

“Two Kichu Wraps for my trip to Malta!” — Katrina Vargas Vila, Social Media Manager


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