From the Editor: Home and Design Issue full of Miami discoveries

Evan S. Benn. Photograph by Nick Garcia.

This is the fourth Home & Design issue I’ve edited at INDULGE, and I learn something each time: a tree-lined neighborhood I hadn’t yet discovered, an Italian house-painting technique I have tucked away for our dream home, the stark difference between a well-lighted room and one that is not. Also, each time, I develop an overwhelming feeling of, I want that home.

Both of those traditions continued through this issue. I struggle to keep a few pots of herbs and a small Key lime tree alive on my balcony, so I am in awe at the lush, living landscapes created by our cover star, Fernando Wong. I also am in awe of Wong’s American Dream story, which is so smartly told by writer Susannah Nesmith, an amateur gardener herself. Prediction: You’re going to be hearing a lot about Wong in the coming months, not only for his breathtaking work at the new Four Seasons at The Surf Club and his serene sculpture garden at the forthcoming Institute of Contemporary Art, but as the landscape designer of the moment.

I also learned a thing or two about the arts of perseverance and craftsmanship from Edie Laquer, whose grand St. Regis Bal Harbour condo has been the object of my I want that home envy since I first set eyes on it. Immaculate marble surfaces. Rich leather furniture. A sunlight-drenched kitchen in the sky. An adorably spoiled dog. It’s the sort of home that befits Laquer, a groundbreaking Miami real estate powerhouse who built her legacy in a male-dominated industry. “It’s a tough business,” she explained to writer Lydia Martin, “but it’s tougher when you’re the only woman in a game of powerful men.”

On the list of enviable homes, the one where we photographed architect Ralph Choeff, pioneer of the tropical-modern aesthetic, is high up there. And I wouldn’t mind putting in an extended stay at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, wasting away the days in a Trina Turk-designed pool cabana and singing away the nights in Nokku, the karaoke bar hidden within modern Japanese restaurant Monkitail. The newly renovated Diplomat is our Staycation feature this issue.

Just before this issue’s release, we learned that INDULGE is a finalist in three editorial categories of the Florida Magazine Association’s 2017 Charlie Awards: Best Column Writing, Best Photograph and Best Social Media. Winners are announced in mid-August at a gala at the Ritz-Carlton Naples. We’re honored to be recognized, and we thank you for your continued support. Together, we’ll keep discovering, we’ll keep learning, and we’ll keep being in awe of the people and places who make us fortunate to call Miami home.   


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