Woosh! New water stations rinse and refill water bottles on the fly

Woosh Water launches in Miami Beach with 25 hydration stations. Photograph by Liz Castro.

You’ll now find 25 Woosh Water stations throughout Miami Beach, a new, convenient and inexpensive source of clean water. The Florida city is the first in the world to use Woosh on a large scale, with others expected to follow.

How does Woosh Water work?

You can bring your own bottle, and Woosh will refill it for as little as $.50 – even less if you purchase a paid plan.  You can also have Woosh completely clean your bottle at one of its stations around South Beach in seconds for $.15.

Woosh utilizes O3-based technology to eliminate any odors or flavors from its water and bottle-rinsing process. The ultra-purified water is chilled and kept fresh through constant spin until it’s dispensed. Woosh stations are constantly connected to a control center, which monitors and ensures high-quality water at all times.

woosh miami beach south beach miami water
Clean water is pennies away with Woosh, now in Miami Beach. Photograph by Liz Castro.


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