Ira Statfeld hosts an exclusive party in Miami Beach for fashion designer Ala von Auersperg

Guests mingle at Ala von Auersperg's event in Miami Beach. Photograph by Christina Mendenhall.

Ira Statfeld hosted an exclusive party at a private residence in Miami Beach for artist and fashion designer Ala von Auersperg on January 31 that attracted an A-list crowd of fashionistas and more.

Known for her resort-wear collection that transitions seamlessly from afternoons on the beach into cocktail hour, von Auersperg launched her eponymous line in 2015, lifting her paintings of tropical flowers and delicate sea coral straight from the canvas and digitally printing them onto lightweight, easy-to-wear silks, linens and meshes.

Von Auersperg, the daughter of Prince Alfred von Auersperg and Sunny Crawford von Bülow, had painted and drawn for more than a decade before entering the world of fashion. She also is a philanthropist and a tireless advocate for victims’ rights, founding the nonprofit National Center for Victims of Crime in 1985 and Brain Trauma Foundation (then the Sunny Von Bulow Coma and Head Trauma Research Institute) in 1986.

Scroll down for exclusive photos from the party in Miami Beach. All photography by Christina Mendenhall and Carina Mask for INDULGE.

Gilda Sacasa, Alejandra Sevilla Sacasa Cicognani and Gilda Ellison.INDULGE
Lana Wolkonsky wears an Ana von Auersperg dress.INDULGE
Erika Rebing and Silvia Lacayo.INDULGE
Isabel Obregon, INDULGEAla von Auersperg, Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque and Esperanza Arias.
Santiago Reyes.INDULGE
Fine wine flowed for guests at the Ala von Auersperg event in Miami Beach.INDULGE
Divine food at the Ala von Auersperg trunk show and party.INDULGE
ala von auersperg
Gilda Sacasa and Ala von Auersperg.INDULGE
Nicholas Stanponi, Marie Helen Stanponi, Arias Stanponi, Ira Statfeld, Silvia Lacayo and Monique Lazard.INDULGE
Maribel Obergon, Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque and Esperanza Arias.INDULGE
Monique Lazard and Gilda Ellison.INDULGE
Patricia Cardenal, Julieta Parades and Alejandra Sevilla Sacasa Cicognani.INDULGE
Lana Wolkonsky (in an Ala von Auersperg dress), Gilda Sacasa and Erika Rebing.INDULGE
Gilda Ellison and Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque.INDULGE
Gilda Sacasa, Patricia Cardenal and Julieta Parades Porto Carrera.INDULGE
Kimberly Palmer and John Palmer.INDULGE
A spread of delicacies at the Ala von Auersperg event in Miami Beach.INDULGE


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