Miami Street Styles: 12 real people wearing their everyday fashions

Kevin sports a look at The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach that's part fashion statement, part social expression. Photographs by Carolyn Batchelor.

We scoured Miami to photograph people wearing their most expressive and creative street styles, from haute couture to homemade fashions.

Viviana Moya

Viviana Moya at the Faena Miami Beach. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


VIVIANA MOYA is a North Miami Beach native who has been living in New York for the past nine years. When she comes home, she loves going to Faena Miami Beach, where the hotel’s rich golds and reds provide a stylish backdrop for her retro-meets-modern outfit. Moya pairs Valentino sandals and a Lisa Says Gah jelly basket with a headpiece crafted by her grandmother (who taught Moya how to sew), a vintage robe and a bodysuit that she converted into a bikini.

Matt Karas

Matt Karas at Faena Forum. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor. INDULGE


MATT KARAS, originally from Michigan, lives in South Miami and makes his way to Faena Forum every month for its roller skating socials. Karas says he likes to dress in his best ’80s gear for the events. We snapped him wearing an Oakley jacket and ASOS overalls with his old-school skates.

Georgie Young and Jason Vasso

Georgie Young, right, and Jason Vasso at Malibu Farm in Miami Beach. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


GEORGIE YOUNG, right, checks out Malibu Farm in Miami Beach for brunch with her boyfriend, JASON VASSO. Originally from London and now living in South Miami, Georgie says she picked up her complete chic-yet-casual look from Zara on Lincoln Road.


Kevin at The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


KEVIN camps out at poolside at The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach. He says he uses fashion as a platform to spark conversation and exchange ideas. Here, he’s wearing an open-sided shirt with a social message, Tommy Hilfiger jeans, white clout goggles, and a gold-chain necklace and belt.

Kevin from the back. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE

Noreeta Philander

Noreeta Philander at the Broken Shaker. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


NOREETA PHILANDER of Cape Town, South Africa, visits The Broken Shaker during a recent vacation to Miami Beach. “Miami reminds me a lot of home. There’s a very cosmopolitan vibe, but you can also wander into a very chill scene.” She’s chill indeed with a Zara skirt, The Fix top, Adidas sneakers and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Mira and Sydney Chaykin

Cousins Mira, left, and Sydney Chaykin at The Standard. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


MIRA CHAYKIN, left, and her cousin SYDNEY CHAYKIN hang at The Standard Hotel wearing similar fashions. Their fitted, high-waisted white and black jeans contrast each other, giving a yin-yang aesthetic. Open-shoulder lace crop tops are good to show off a Miami tan during the day or for a night out (look for similar pieces from Los Angeles brand For Love and Lemons). Sydney, a Miami local, details her look with long, classic pearls, while Mira adds a pop of color with red lipstick. Both complete their outfits with light-tan strapped heels.


Giuseppe at 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.


GIUSEPPE is visiting from Brazil. He likes to show off his style over matcha ice cream at 1-800-Lucky, the Asian food hall and bar in Wynwood. He rocks Balenciaga Triple S trainers, a Givenchy T-shirt and a Givenchy cross-body bag.

Giuseppe’s cross-body bag. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE

Jordan Abrams

Jordan Abrams at Nikki Beach. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


JORDAN ABRAMS is a Californian living in Miami. She brings her West Coast vibe to brunch at Nikki Beach (hello, $7 mimosas!). In the club’s library nook, she wears Off-White shades and props up her Louboutin loafers while a Stella McCartney bag rests on her lap.

Viv Fernandez

Viv Fernandez in Wynwood. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


VIV FERNANDEZ lives in Pennsylvania now but often returns to Miami. When she does, she makes a point of visiting Wynwood favorites The Wynwood Yard, Miami Mojito Co. and El Patio. On this outing, Fernandez matches a DKNY top with Scotch & Soda shorts. She tells us that she scored her sunglasses and choker necklace from Wynwood Marketplace for $15.

Rebecca Reed

street styles
Rebecca Reed at PAMM. Photograph by Carolyn Batchelor.INDULGE


REBECCA REED of Coconut Grove visits Pérez Art Museum Miami while showing off the very on-trend big T-shirt look. She complements her Opening Ceremony tee with accent jewelry from JW Anderson and a leather dual-shoulder bag.

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