New Bulgari necklace channels Andy Warhol’s artistic brilliance

The Bulgari Andy Warhol necklace. Price upon request.

With his deadpan sense of humor, Andy Warhol once described himself and his work as “deeply superficial.” However, that belies the undercurrent of his art: finding beauty in the mundane, society’s consumption of products and celebrity, and the fleeting nature of life.

During his prolific career he repeated themes, one being butterflies — perhaps being inspired by their majestic allure and short life span. In 1983 he did a series of paintings of endangered animals, including a purple silkscreen of the San Francisco Silverspot butterfly. That painting is the inspiration behind the Bulgari Andy Warhol necklace: 18-karat rose gold with diamonds, amethyst, rubellite, peridot and tourmalines.

It’s part of Bulgari’s Wild Pop High Jewelry collection, epitomizing the audacity and extravagance of the ’80s. Nicola Bulgari and Warhol were contemporaries with a special bond. The luxury house pays homage to their rule-breaking spirit, which continues to inspire today — and is anything but superficial.

Price upon request. Bulgari, 140 Northeast 39th Street, Suite 127, Miami; 305-576-6506;

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