Rebecca Taylor partners with Style Saves at Soho Beach House pop-up

A display of Rebecca Taylor clothes at Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, part of an event to benefit Style Saves. Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Taylor.

Known for her feminine and flowy collections, New York fashion designer Rebecca Taylor can’t get enough of Miami.

The feeling is mutual. Since opening a Rebecca Taylor boutique at the newly renovated Aventura Mall, her fashion house’s gossamer fabrics, delicate prints and soft colors have caught the attention of Miami celebs, stylists, influencers and everyone in between.

Rebecca Taylor Rachael Russell saiger style saves soho beach house penthouse
Fashion designer Rebecca Taylor, left, and Rachael Russell Saiger of Style Saves. Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Taylor.

Rebecca Taylor partners with Style Saves

To celebrate her love of Miami and the arrival of her latest collections, Taylor hosted a pop-up shop this week at Soho Beach House. A portion of proceeds went to Style Saves, a local nonprofit that empowers underprivileged students with school supplies, clothing and other materials they need to succeed in school.

“I love giving back,” Taylor said from the hotel’s penthouse, overlooking the emerald-green Atlantic. “I’m so fortunate to do what I do, so when I heard about Style Saves and its focus on underprivileged children with that link to fashion, it made sense.”

Taylor’s sister line, La Vie, also had many ladies at the event juggling their crystal Champagne glasses while perusing its NYC-cool-meets-Parisian-chic selections.

A Francophile whose goal is to live in France one day, Taylor said La Vie is her baby.

“I’m a working mom. I’m dropping my kids off at school and going to work. I say I’m really built for speed,” she said with a giggle. “So this line speaks to me. I’m more of a casual person. And our denim is made to fit a woman’s body, to make her feel confident.”

Looking to summer and fall trends, Taylor revealed that we’ll be seeing a lot of longer tea dresses that are sexy and really romantic for summer, while fall will bring a toned-down refinement vibe with plush velvets and animal prints.

Between work and raising kids, Taylor loves getting away to Miami. Her favorite place to eat while here? Upland. Her husband has designed artwork for both Miami and New York locations.

Rebecca Taylor La Vie Miami Soho Beach House
‘I’m more of a casual person,’ fashion designer Rebecca Taylor said of her La Vie line. Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Taylor.


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