‘Shark Tank’ winner The Lapel Project upgrades your suits to tuxedos

'Miami Vice' lapel from The Lapel Project.

What separates a suit from a tuxedo? Lapels, mainly. Miami entrepreneur Sebastian Garcia knows this, so he created The Lapel Project to convert suits to tuxes in DIY fashion, starting at just $30.

Lapel Project Shark Tank
The Lapel Project’s Sebastian Garcia.


Garcia’s stick-on velvet strips impressed the Shark Tank swarm, prompting a $150,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

“All our lives, we’ve been sucked into buying tuxedos that just sit in our closets, collecting dust,” Garcia told INDULGE. “Now people can convert a suit into a tuxedo from their home.”   

4 top Lapel Project designs:

Lapel Project Miami design shark tank
Hansel in Navy Velvet.


Lapel Project Shark Tank


Lapel Project Shark Tank
Dia de los Muertos.


The Lapel Project Shark Tank
Blue Peak Velvet.


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