The founder and designer of Jaimie Nicole tells her jewelry line’s story, from dream to reality

The Jaimie Nicole jewelry collection is inspired by the colors and culture of Miami.

Jaimie Nicole Shepard, founder and head designer of Jaimie Nicole, created her luxury jewelry brand out of necessity. She couldn’t find any bracelets that fit the way she liked, so she started making custom bracelets from the comfort of her couch. Shepard received compliments for her creations, and eventually she discovered her hidden passion for jewelry design. With a newfound confidence, she officially launched Jaimie Nicole in 2009.

A Miami native, Shepard was inspired by all the culture and color in the Magic City, which have influenced her collections. In recent years, Jaimie Nicole’s success has skyrocketed. Shepard spoke with INDULGE about what she sees for the future of her line and how she hopes to make every woman feel beautiful and confident.

Courtesy Jaimie Nicole.


How has growing up in Miami influenced your decision to design jewelry and start your own business?

“Having Miami as my home has been the perfect place to find confidence and explore several different career paths. The city has such an entrepreneurial spirit, and I am grateful that I stumbled upon a dream I didn’t know I had. Deciding to design jewelry was a leap of faith, and I hope that anyone wanting to start a business believes in themselves and takes a chance!”

At the University of Miami, you pursued a double major in business law and history. So what inspired you to make the jump into the world of jewelry design?

“Funny enough, I started making jewelry out of a selfish desire to wear cool beaded bracelets. I have tiny wrists, and no bracelets would fit me. I decided to source some gemstones from local bead stores and started stringing together bracelets — there was a lot of trial and error (more error!). Eventually I got the hang of it and, with compliments, I gained confidence. And with confidence, I started a career!”

What is the design process like for you?

“I always keep my eyes open and draw a lot of inspiration from my clients and people walking on the street. Beauty is all around us, especially in Miami, and I never want to miss an opportunity to feel inspired. The design process begins with a team collaboration. We all sit down and discuss the colors we are gravitating toward, new styles we want to incorporate and anything that has caught our eye over the last season. It is always fun to see the designs evolve from start to finish.” 

This year’s holiday collection is all blue and gold circles. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

“I stumbled upon a fabulous photo that felt just right for our inspiration to design our holiday collection. I interpreted it as our version of celestial. The vibrant blue enamel, regal gold and sparkle all fits together in the ‘out of this world’ theme for this year’s Jaimie Nicole Holiday collection.”

Golds, blues and other colors are hallmarks of Jaimie Nicole’s vibrant collection.


What trends are you excited about for the holiday season?

“This holiday season I am loving all the color! Most winter collections are black, burgundy and navy, but this year you can find every color in the rainbow on accessories and clothing. It is exciting to see everyone enjoying and wearing so much color!”

What does the typical Jaimie Nicole customer look like?

“The typical Jaimie Nicole customer is multifaceted – she is always on the go and needs an on-trend beautiful piece of jewelry to finish off her outfit in style. Jaimie Nicole has been worn by Adriana Lima and several local celebrities. Lynn Martinez from Deco Drive and Lisa Petrillo from CBS 4 are often seen wearing their Jaimie Nicole!”

When you launched Jaimie Nicole in 2009, did you ever imagine how much success you would have?

“Absolutely not! I am always flattered walking down the street and seeing someone wearing my collections or having a customer walk out of our Coral Gables showroom so excited to wear their new pieces. I am grateful for my loyal following and excited for what the future holds for Jaimie Nicole.”

What are your goals for the future?

“Our three top goals are happy customers, beautiful jewelry and a thriving e-commerce site!”

What is the message you want to spread with Jaimie Nicole Jewelry?

“A confident and happy woman is the most beautiful, both inside and out. At Jaimie Nicole we hope to build confidence in your accessory wearing. If you love it, we love it!”

The Jaimie Nicole Showroom is located at 4649 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Suite 305, Coral Gables; 305-351-7704. 


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