Know someone with an eye for design? These are the gifts for them

Design genius Tomas Frenes. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

Tomas Frenes, a design guru who once worked with Gianni Versace, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his own design studio. This year, he collaborated with David Schwade from ANDstudio to form Struktodesign, an architecture, interior design, product development and branding firm. His love for luxurious things has led to his creation of everything from a luxury furniture line to a limited-edition dishware collection.

Here, he shares six of his favorite design-inspired gift ideas. Click here to see all of our experts’ suggestions.  


1. Nespresso Cafecito de Cuba

Nespresso cafe cafecito cuba miami coffee tomas frenes


“The strong, bold taste of Nespresso Cafecito de Cuba reminds me of my Cuban heritage, and I appreciate the colors of the packaging.”

From $1.25. Nespresso at Lincoln Road, 1105 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 800-562-1465;


2. Lanvin Shirts

Lanvin Miami design district


“I love the great fitted shape and the vibrant colors of Lanvin dress shirts.

$390. Lanvin at Miami Design District, 107 Northeast 39th Street, Miami;


3. Restoration Hardware Linen Sheets

restoration hardware rh linen sheets italian
Restoration Hardware.


“The Italian Ultra-Fine Lightweight Linen Bedding Collection from Restoration Hardware is the best way to stay cool when you’re sleeping.

From $79-$311. Restoration Hardware, 5701 Sunset Drive, South Miami; 305-668-9141;


4. Hermès Throw Blanket

Hermes blanket miami design district tomas frenes gift guide holidays


“For a softness, warmth and the feeling of luxury, a Hermès throw blanket is right for anyone.”

$1,225. Hermès at Miami Design District,163 Northeast 39th Street, Miami; 305-868-0118;


5. Sonos Speakers

Sonos play home sound system gift guide


“I have always had a passion for music as well as design, so I gravitate toward Sonos speakers at home. I would love to be in the music business in some form.”

From $200. Best Buy, 1131 Fifth Street, Miami Beach;


6. Taft Shoes

Taft shoes men holiday gifts for guys tomas frenes

Taft shoes are comfortable, reasonable and have a great design!”

From $215.


The Expert: Tomas Frenes

Tomas Frenes Design Studio gift guide miami indulge
Tomas Frenes of Tomas Frenes Design Studio. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.


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