The art of jewelry is on display at Daniella Kronfle’s Design District showroom

Jewelry designer Daniella Kronfle at her Miami Design District showroom. Photograph by Carina Mask.

The jewelry that Daniella Kronfle creates is as varied in its depth as she is. With roots in Italy, Lebanon and Syria — and having grown up in Latin America — Kronfle incorporates not just precious stones but also culture into her self-titled jewelry line that has been a Miami staple for 16 years.

Art, music and people feed into her creations. Her Midnight Color Code collection pays homage to the music of the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s and her love of artists like Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk and Donna Summer. It includes the spiral-shape Neon Noir rings with asymmetric rows of gems like purple iolite or amber citrine set in 18-carat black or rose gold.

“The essence of this collection was inspired by the neon lights of the discotheque,” Kronfle said. “Everything is genuine, and nothing is enhanced. It’s a contrast between the dark and the light.”

Daniella Kronfle
Daniella Kronfle. Photograph by Carina Mask.INDULGE

Art Basel ‘Changed Miami Forever’

Her favorite cultural event — Art Basel Miami Beach — always creates an exciting buzz for her. With Europe being one of her favorite places to travel, Miami Art Week is almost like being in two places at once.

‘I’m always trying to find new gemstones. I’m not old-school gold and diamonds.’

“I believe Art Basel changed Miami forever,” she said. “The exposure this city had after the first Basel was incredible. We got to showcase what this city has to offer to the Europeans, Asians, Canadians and the whole world. It’s about being able to show who we are and our art movement. It gave the world a different vision of what Miami is.”

December is the season for retailers and one of Kronfle’s prime times to showcase her latest creations. Kronfle has been through two Basels since she opened her flagship shop in the Design District, and she said it’s interesting to see trends from other cities and how visitors react to her aesthetic.

Daniella Kronfle Looks Into Her Crystal Ball

“People are very open to different styles,” she said. “They want something different. They are bored of tradition and the classic pearl necklace or diamond necklace. I’m always trying to find new gemstones to incorporate in my designs. I’m not old-school gold and diamonds.”

Kronfle said she sees jewelry trends moving toward a mix of relaxed yet refined. But she won’t subscribe to any rules or patterns.

“I’m a chameleon, and I like to rediscover myself constantly,” she said. “I’m not the type of person to be static. I have no idea what will happen in two years, but there’s one thing that I can guarantee in the DNA of my jewelry: high craftsmanship. Every single piece is perfectly handmade, the quality of my crystals is supreme, and I love color.”

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